314 Set and Match System is a complete Do-It-Yourself workshop you can custom build to create your own layout and marking tool. Moving the 314 is easy with a sturdy handle which slides along the rulers face and has an integrated auto-lock mechanism which keeps the handle in place for a sure grip. The 314 also has a horizontal and vertical knife guide that smoothly slide along the rulers edge and lock in lace for a safe and accurate cut.

Handle & Knife Guide Set

SKU: Handle & Knife Guide
  • • Handle will lock into place when squeezed

    • Handle contains a hole on each end to hold a pencil in place

    • Knife guide has 2 vertical and 2 horizontal cutting lines

    • Knife guide cutting lines may also be used to make pencil markings

    • Handle and knife guide slide onto any set and match ruler

    • Gripping bumps on both handle and knife guide

    • Prevents accidents