Another Kapro revolutionary level - the 770 EXODUS™ is a strong professional box level with 3 solid acrylic shockproof vials, a sturdy ruler and straight edge to help you level, measure, mark and cut with only one tool. This tool makes your work quicker and more accurate, saving you time and money.

Featuring three inset vials for clear and accurate horizontal , Plumb and 45° leveling, the 770 covers all your bases, with a guarantee for the accuracy of the vials.

Ideal for carpentry, drywall and all finishing and design projects, the 770 allows you to level, measure, mark, and cut at a glance without having to hold other tools at the same time and with just one hand due to its Wall-grip feature which won’t let the level slide from it’s position.

The sturdy and robust build and the multiple features makes this level a functional tool - basically 3 tools in 1 extremely accurate tool.

770 EXODUS™ The Ruler in Levels

Magnetic / Non Magnetic
  • • 3 solid acrylic shockproof vials:
    - Horizontal with gradient lines up to 2%
    - Vertical and 45°
    • Finely milled surface (up to 120cm)
    • Shock absorbing rubber end caps
    • Accuracy: < 0.0005in/in. (0.5 mm/m)
    • Wall grip feature
    • English Graduation 1/16th