The 950 Swivel Plumb Site™ is the new generation in Plumb Site™ technology.

Checking the vertical plumb alignment on the job with a level can be a difficult and imprecise job, hence, a direct and clear top down view of the vial is vital to avoid misreading.

Traditional levels offer only a side view that that often cause inaccurate readings due to parallax error and forced you to stretch and bend when taking readings in tight places, so, Kapro invented the Plumb Site Dual View vial which revolutionized spirit level design by providing a direct frontal view of the vertical vial.

Now Kapro has taken this innovation to the next level with the Swivel Plumb Site - a clear and adjustable plumb vial that allows you to get a direct top-down view of the vial from anywhere within a 180° horizontal radius and 140° vertical radius.

This tool is optimal when you are working in tight spaces and corners and Kapro’s vials’ accuracy of 0.0005”/” (0.5mm/m) are guaranteed for life.

The Swivel Plumb Site module is built from Anti-Corrosive Nickel Plated metal components and the reflective surface is made of polished metal so it is as clear as a glass mirror but will never break. The innovative Swivel Plumb Site module is housed in one of Kapro’s toughest cast levels, manufactured using high pressure die casting for most reliable integrity and maximum strength.

Kapro put the 950 through extensive drop testing from a height of 10ft.  to a concrete floor. It remained straight and accurate fall after fall. The oversized rubber end caps protect the level’s integrity with Kapro’s unique shockproof feature.  

The 950 is perfect for building forms for laying cement walls, framing, carpentry and cabinet installation, Drywall installation, electrical jobs and plumbing.  

950 Heavy Duty Cast Level w/Swivel Plumb Site®

SKU: 950-41SP-18
  • • 3 solid acrylic epoxy locked vials, including:
    - 1 horizontal
    - 1 standard vertical
    - 1 vertical vial with the Swivel Plumb Site® feature
    • Ultra-durable high pressure cast aluminum profile
    • Oversized Shock-proof end caps with Anti-Slip feature
    • Accuracy: <0.0005 in/in. (0.5mm/m)
    • Milled surface

    • Rare-Earth super strong magnets