Mason’s level must be tough – hammered and dropped, the level has to maintain its accuracy in the toughest working conditions. The Kapro 920 Shark is the ultimate mason’s level, innovatively designed with a heavy duty cast trapezoid profile.

2 shock absorbing rubber anvils for hard and repeated trowel blows. The 920 can take hit after hit and always keeps its accuracy and integrity.

A finely milled base insures the 920 Shark improves the accuracy of leveling especially when doing tile work by keeping the level directly against the measuring surface.

The 920 Shark features 2 solid acrylic vials – one horizontal and one vertical with the patented Plumb Site Dual View feature.

The Plumb Site Vial provides a direct view of the vertical vial without the need to twist or bend your neck for side viewing. Place the 920 against any vertical surface and look straight into the Plumb Site viewer – easy and accurate readings every time.

 For accuracy, Kapro is unsurpassed. Ours are the only vials on the market that carry the prestigious VPA accuracy certification of 0.0005in/in (0.5mm/m) and are guaranteed for life.

The 920 Shark with its modern trapezoid cast Aluminum profile, tough Rubber Anvils, Milled surface, Plumb Site Dual View feature and lifetime warranty vials is the ultimate mason’s level.

920 Shark® Mason's Level w/Plumb Site®

  • • 2 solid acrylic vials, including:
    - Plumb Site® Dual-View™ vial
    - Epoxy-locked horizontal vial
    • Milled surface
    • Heavy-duty cast aluminum tapered (trapezoid) body
    • Shock absorbing rubber "anvils"
    • Accuracy: <0.0005 in/in. (0.5mm/m)