872 Prolaser® Plus is a professional indoors Free-Standing Cross-Laser; a powerful and innovative laser tool that makes leveling and angular layout easier and more accurate than ever.
The 872 is designed with powerful lasers that project two highly visible levelled intersecting lines – horizontal and vertical – at a perfect 90° angle. It has a working indoor range of up to a 100ft (30m) and an outdoor range of 165’ (50m) using a detector at a best of its category curacy of 0.008”/40” (0.2mm/m). The 872 is self-leveling up to ±5° with a visible and audible “out-of-level” warning.
Kapro has innovatively designed the 872 with strong adjustable legs for easy hands-free mounting at any angle you need in TILT MODE. The TILT Mode feature lets you disable the self-leveling mechanism and lock the laser in place for any angular layout and marking. The legs click to lock in place for perfect height adjustment and accurate positioning. This creative feature makes the 872 amazingly versatile for a wide range of applications including:

  • Aligning tiles and cabinets
  • Deck installation and exterior layout
  • Acoustic ceiling panel positioning
  • Electrical socket placement and fixture alignment
  • Banister and stair layout
  • And much more…

The 872 is built with a shock resistant rubber casing that will keep it safe on tough worksites and the adjustable legs serve as rugged bumpers around the lasers casing when folded close for additional protection.

The 872 is tripod ready with a ¼ adapter at its base.

It’s compact size lets you easily store it in your toolbox and it comes with a soft carry case with a belt loop so you can carry it with you on the job, making it one of the most convenient and versatile laser tools for professional results.



  • • Intersecting horizontal and vertical lines at 90°
    • Laser Range:
    - Indoor: 100'
    - Outdoor: 165' with detector
    • Accuracy: 0.0002in/in.
    • Manual mode for angular layout/marking
    • Strong folding legs for angle mounting and height adjustment
    • Self-leveling range: ±5°
    • Visual and audible "out of level" warning
    • 1/4" tripod thread
    • Shock resistant rubber casing
    • Compact size – fits in your toolbox

    • 3 AA batteries (not included)

    • Laser class II

    • Conforms to CE, RoHS, FDA safety regulations
    • Includes: Pouch & adaptor (841)


  • This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause Cancer and Reproductive Harm.  For more information, go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.