Mason’s level must be tough – hammered and dropped, the level has to maintain its accuracy in the toughest working conditions. The Kapro 720 Supercast™ Masonry Level is a modern-shaped heavy duty mason’s level, innovatively designed with a heavy duty cast trapezoid profile. The 720 can take hit after hit and always keeps its accuracy and integrity.

A finely milled base insures the 720 improves the accuracy of leveling especially when doing tile work by keeping the level directly against the measuring surface.

The 720 features 2 breakproof solid acrylic vials with an unpresetented accuracy of 0.0005in/in (0.5mm/m) guaranteed for life.

720 Supercast™ Masonry Level with 2 vials

  • • 2 solid acrylic vials
    • Milled surface
    • Heavy-duty cast aluminum tapered (trapezoid) body
    • Accuracy: <0.0005 in/in. (0.5mm/m)