Say hello to the newest addition to Kapro’s line of OPTIVISION™ Red leveling products- the 705 Eagle contractor box level, 24 inch. Designed with durable Polycarbonate vial housing and featuring gradient lines capable of 1%, 1.5%, and 2% slope lines, this level is specially designed with masonry and concrete workers in mind.  

Easy-to-read bubbles with a high contrast ratio make visibility up to 8 times easier to read in all light conditions compared to traditional levels, which takes the guesswork out of measuring. Additionally, reinforced wall grips and cushioned shockproof endcaps ensure that your level can handle even the toughest work conditions with accuracy and efficiency.

705 Eagle™ Box Level w/OPTIVISION™ & Plumb Site®

Magnetic / Non Magnetic
  • • 3 Solid acrylic shockproof vials including:

    – 1 OPTIVISION® Red tilted horizontal vial with gradient lines of up to 2%

    – 2 Vertical vials

    • Finely milled

    • Bridge at horizontal vial reinforces the profile

    • Continuous marking edge

    • Wall-grip feature

    • Shock-absorbing bi-material end caps

    •Accuracy: 0.0005 in/in. (0.5mm/m)