Standard post levels are forever locked in a rigid shape that limits their use to posts or pipes of a particular diameter, and takes up more room than it needs to in a toolbox.

The patented Kapro 340 Postrite® is unique among post levels in that it can be collapsed either by folding it closed like a book or by spreading it flat. It "clicks locked" every 15° allowing the Postrite® to be used on pipes or posts of any diameter.

Not only does the Postrite® have the advantage of being able to fold closed for easy storage, but it can do what no other post level can – open flat for surface leveling. With magnets for work on ferrous posts and pipes, and strong elastic straps for attaching to wood, aluminum and plastic, it is the most versatile, all-purpose post level on the market.



  • Hinged “arms” fold into a compact size for easy storage and vial protection
  • Arms spread out 180° for use as a conventional level
  • Click-locks every 15°, for especially thin or thick posts
  • Magnetic strips for attaching to metal, and heavy-duty elastic strap for wooden decking or posts
  • Polymer body is durable, lightweight, and scratchproof

340 Postrite® Magnetic Post Level

SKU: 340-08
Magnetic / Non Magnetic
  • • 3 vials
    • Folds closed, opens flat
    • Click-lock every 15°
    • Adjustable elastic strap for non-magnetic surfaces
    • 4 powerful magnets for metal surfaces
    • For all posts, pipes and signs