Custom-build your own layout and marking tool – in seconds – with the Set & Match® System. Just “slide and lock” your choice of accessories to the patented Set & Match® Ruler, for the perfect drywall, carpentry or multi-purpose laser tool.

Handle & Sliding Knife Guide Auto-lock for a sure grip & spring-loaded sliding. knife guides: slide along
the ruler - lock in place.Doubles as a pencil guide. Prevents accidents.

• Setting and aligning shelves, cabinets, mirrors, stencils & wallpaper
• Marking/cutting longer lines on walls, wood, drywall, cardboard
• Marking/cutting angled lines

314-89 Set & Match® Mark/Level System w/ Handle & Knife Guide

  • • Patented Set & Match® Ruler

    • Aluminum straightedge ruler

    • Zero-center scale
    • 2 easy-to-read slide & lock vials -horizontal and vertical

    • Slide and lock vial mechanism
    • Non-slip foam backing

    • Large removable handle

    • Removable sliding cutting guide

    • Ruler markings in English Graduations 1/8


    Accessories available to select above to customize your Ruler

    • Dot Laser (816)

    • 3 piece Slider Set - one with a vertical vial, one with a horizontal vial, and one plain

    • T-Square Head