309 LEDGEND™ is a tough and accuratesquare, designed for professional usage with Kapro’s unique and innovative features.  
The 309 has a high impact polymer handle with a unique support ledge which keeps the square in place for one handed marking.
The stainless-steel blade is permanently etched with inch and centimeter gradations. There are angle markings for beveling and framing at 22.5°, 45°, 67.5° and 90° angles which may be used using the marking point in the handle.   
The 309 is certified 90° for reliable accuracy.



This heavy duty box torpedo and pocket level is truly one of a kind. The hang style endcap allows you to attach a convenient carrying clip or a lanyard for safety fall protection. This unique level is perfect for professionals in various applications. The v-groove and strong rare earth magnetic base make it perfect for leveling pipe. Whether you’re a construction professional, plumber, electrician or weekend warrior; the 771 level is a great addition to your toolbox. Pick up yours today to experience the Kapro difference!


309+275S+771-4+1254-10 4 Piece Layout Set

SKU: 309+275S+771-4+1254-10
  • 309 Ledgend Square

    • Unique support ledge
    • High-impact polymer handle
    • Permanently etched stainless steel blade
    • 22.5,° 45°, 67.5° and 90° angles for beveling and framing
    • Inch/cm gradations
    • Certified 900
    • Marking point


    275 Pencil Set

    • Sharpener has a built-in emery board for fine sharpening

    • Sharpener is suitable for most types of carpenter's pencils

    • Sharpener has a plastic body

    • Sharpener is durable

    • Set includes 3 carpenter pencils


    771 Handy Level

    • 2 solid acrylic, epoxy locked vials, including:
    - 1 horizontal magnified vial
    - 1 vertical vial

    - 6" & 8" include third sold acrylic 45° Vial

    • Solid box beam frame

    • Milled V-groove base

    • Magnetic (force of 3Kg)
    • Hard polypropylene end caps
    • Accuracy: <0.0005 in/in. (0.5mm/m)


    1254 Drywall Cutting Knife

    • Stainless steel blade and blade guide for maximum durability

    • Automatic locking mechanism for securing the blade along the handle

    • Breakable knife's blade for the sharpest edge

    • Store up to four blades in the knife's handle