213 Ergonomic Chalk Line has several unique features that make your work easy and accurate.

It features a bi-material durable chalk box with a revolutionary ergonomic handle and a patented rubber nose that assures perfect string tension.

The break-resistant & powder absorbent chalk line string is combined with an All-in-one end hook that holds on nails & ledges and tacks into drywall.

The 213's No-spill refill docking point assures clean chalk refill without spilling.
The 213 has a 3 oz (85g) capacity & 100' (30m) line.

213 Ergonomic Chalk Line

SKU: 213
  • • Break-resistant & powder absorbent chalk line string
    • Ergonomic handle
    • Rubber nose – holds line for perfect string tension
    • All-in-one end hook: holds on nails & ledges, tacks into drywall
    • Clean chalk refill – won’t spill
    • Wall mount & storage hanger
    • 3 oz (85g) capacity & 100' (30m) line

    Available as a set with 4 oz (113g) red or blue chalk bottle