This I-Beam level is great for semi-professional projects or tasks. The sturdy profile has a “top read” feature so you can see the vial from the top while working in the level/horizontal position. Vials are covered to protect them from dust, debris or damage. The level comes with our patented Plumb Site Dual-View vial which provides the user the traditional side view of the plumb vial and the unique ability to view plumb from the front, making it easier and more accurate to read along with eliminating neck and eye strain.  A magnetic strip runs full length between the end caps on one read surface.

150 I-Beam w/Plumb Site®

Magnetic / Non Magnetic
  • • 1 plumb site dual-view vial

    • 2 horizontal cylindrical vials

    • V-groove base for leveling pipes

    •Sturdy aluminum frame