Kapro 105 Topgrade™ Gradient Box Level is a unique tool - it features vials that are pre-installed at 0%, 1% and 2% sloping (The 48" version has 2 more vials at  from 0.5% and 1.5%) as well as vertical plane. Instead of using gradient vial lines it has a separate vial for each slope – Level, 0.5%, 1%, 1.5% and 2%. It makes your work so much quicker and easy.

The 105 Topgrade™ is sturdy, rubberized end caps, solid acrylic vials with an accuracy of 0.0005"/" and very high quality milled surface. If your work involves measuring slopes - you need this tool. 


105 Topgrade™ Gradient Box Level w/Slope Measurements

Magnetic / Non Magnetic
  • • Solid acrylic horizontal vials (3 to 5 vials depending on the length of the level) + 1 vertical vial
    • Accurate slope measurement up to 2%
    • Accuracy: < 0.0005in/in. (0.5 mm/m) on all vials
    • Milled surface